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Architectural and Interior Design

In addition to sculptural works of art, custom fused glass can be a wonderful design element in your home. From glass top tables to light fixtures, the color and glow of glass is the perfect accent to your home.


Please contact me to begin your design!


Glass Top Tables

Working with partners at Nalu Builds in Hilo, Hawaii, PECO Studio creates custom glass inserts for beautiful hand-crafted wooden tables. Tables are built using local Hawaiian woods like Koa, mango, monkeypod and more. These functional pieces of art will add warmth and color to any room. 

Wall Sconces

Glass loves light, and there is no better accent for your wall than a custom wall sconce. From simple geometric designs to organic flowing patterns, your custom light fixtures are sure to impress. 

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Drawer Pulls and Knobs

Custom hardware provides a special finishing touch to your cabinets, dresser or desk. Color choices are almost infinite and a variety of designs and patterns are possible. 

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